« Ein hochauflösendes Luftbild des Sägewerkes aus den 50er JahrenGrabungen am Johannesberg bei Harmannstein 1991 »

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13.06.17 @ 21:15
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Hope you are well.
I am looking into my family history in Austria and Prague. What they did for a living etc.
I found your articles on my recently discovered family tree, under one of my great grandfathers, Adolf Löwy (he had a son as well, Felix Lechner) The family were in the timber business and there are Winterbergs (from marriage in the family tree as well) I am convinced this was part of my family from the evidence I can see and stories that I have been told.
Do you know who the owners actually were by name, before the war - as in, was Adolf Lowy or Felix Lechner cited (named) anywhere? What was their background; were they aristocracy (as you mention in your article (translated by google)

All on geni.com

Thank you so much,

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